Thursday, September 2, 2010

Warriors of Chaos inbound

I swapped the Beastmen battle force I won at 'Ard Boyz for a Warriors of Chaos box, and picked up the army book this weekend. The models are fantastic, probably my favorite army visually in all of Warhammer. I started putting my battle force together (well 3 of my 5 Knights so far) and reading the army book, and this is what I've come up with as my preliminary 2500 point army list. Please have a look, especially if you are a veteran Chaos player!

Sorcerer Lord, tzeentch, lvl 4, third eye of tzeentch, infernal puppet, talisman of preservation, enchanted shield
Sorcerer, lvl 2 death, chaos steed, dispel scroll
Exalted Champion, bsb, shield, collar of khorne
24 Warriors, tzeentch, full command, shield
24 Warriors, khorne, full command, extra hand weapons
5 Knights, full command, banner of eternal flame
6 Chaos Trolls
Warshrine, tzeentch


Updated the list, given my model choices.

A long with my work planning a Chaos army, I am looking for some practice before the next round of 'Ard Boyz. I may do some tuning of my list, but I am undecided. More importantly I need to find a location in Michigan that is hosting!


  1. first things first, if your lord has the mark of tzeentch he has to take his spells from that lore. also i think the warrior heavy list is currently the way to go, and while i really dont like the knights i suppose they arent that bad. lastly i have a hellcannon model if ya want it.


  2. I misread the rules for marks! My dream of a Lord flying into the flank and unleashing a Purple Sun are dead. Tzeentch is nasty as it is, so I will probably run both Sorcerers as Tzeentch to get the exact spells I want.

    I pick apart multiple small units (units of 20 are small when coming from and playing Skaven) on Saturday, so I prefer a couple of big units. I think a steadfast unit of Marauders will work out. I've heard good things about cheap Marauders with great weapons. Honestly the Knights are in there because I plan on using all of the models in my battleforce.

    And yes, I want the Hellcannon. :)

  3. I agree - Warriors of Chaos are some of the coolest looking models in the game. I'm slapping some together to use as a sparring army for my High Elves. I wasn't going to paint them, but now I'm tempted. The Knights are ass-kicking as well. Not a fan of the Marauder infantry, though.

  4. Latest rendition:

    Sorcerer Lord, tzeentch, lvl 4, disc, talisman of preservation, enchanted shield, third eye of tzeentch, conjoined homonculus, infernal puppet
    Exalted Hero, khorne, bsb, shield, collar of khorne, dragon helm, biting blade, favour of the gods

    24 Warriors, tzeentch, full command, shield, wailing banner
    24 Warriors, khorne, full command, extra hand weapons, banner of swiftness
    30 Marauders, khorne, full command, great weapons
    5 Warhounds
    5 Warhounds

    5 Knights, nurgle, full command, banner of eternal flame

    Warshrine, tzeentch


  5. I'd drop the Banner of Swiftness: Warriors have enough trouble with different M scores and units outpacing one another without you making more problems for yourself by adding more.

    Consider the Banner of Rage instead of the Mark of Khorne, if you're not buying those Warriors a magic standard. I also think the Blasted Standard is a must-take on a Tzeentch Warrior unit.