Thursday, May 5, 2011

Twitter and gaming!

Twitter has become huge in the gaming community more recently than ever. Every day you can find regular hobby posts by bloggers, podcasters, and regular joe shmoes who just enjoy the hobby and are looking for a public "forum" without all the drama. And the great thing is you can follow exactly who you want. I have been guilty myself of not posting blog posts as much as I could, but I post on Twitter all throughout the day almost every day.

For me it is great to post hobby updates and battle reports. As I play a tournament it is great to post spectacular moments in game or final scores after each round for people who are interested in seeing how the tournament is going... even from another country. Have a good laugh as the Doomrocket kills 30 Witch Elves one game, but the next a Warp Lightning Cannon blows up and forces a unit of Storm Vermin off the table first turn in another. Browse through current projects as well as stage by stage advances of units from other Twitter users.

If you're not on the Twitter bandwagon, you should be. You don't need to post updates regularly, or even EVER. It is worth signing up to be able to follow the active Twitter posters to get a steady influx of Warhammer in your face while you are anywhere, on your phone.

Here is a list of my favorite Twitter posters you should definitely follow:

@Rhellion - ME! This is my very active Twitter account
@Heelanhammer - Dan Heelan, major Twitter poster from the Heelanhammer podcast
@Baddice_podcast - Ben Curry and Ben Johnson of Bad Dice
@ginger_buddha - Domus's Rule of the Day
@Garagehammer - The Garage Hammer podcast 
@Voxcaster - Games Workshop on Twitter
@FBroundup - Fantasy Battle Roundup, great blog and regular Twitter poster
@bluntforcegamer - another great Twitter poster, blogger, and podcaster

And many more I follow. Check them all out on my Twitter page. If you post regularly on Twitter and follow me, I will most likely follow you as well. I like to read about Warhammer projects of all kinds.

My battle report from last weekend's tournament will be up SOON!


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  2. Thanks for the shout out Brad! Keep up the good work...I've been a little back logged with blogs, and podcasts with the new edition to the family, so sorry the thank you is late :-)