Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting Malifaux

My Wife decided to fall in love with the models of Malifaux, which quickly led us to start collecting, painting, and playing the game. As a small scale skirmish game that uses cards, rather than dice, it is REALLY fun to play. I have played a few practice turns and half games against her Colette crew and my first real game in my new Malifaux league against the Gremlins, and I am now really into the game. I am playing the Ortega's because I really, really like the Wild West theme. I could watch Tombstone every day, so long as I didn't already have Deadwood on. And of course, I have already bought tons more models than I need to play with to give myself the option of out thinking myself with choices. My main Crew is the Guild with Perdita, Santiago, Nino, Enslaved Nephilim, and Executioner. I have also have Fransisco, Papa Loco, Abuela, and recently picked up Ryle and the Death Marshals. I also found a sweet deal on a used crew with Sonia Criid, Judge, and 3 Witchling Stalkers all for only $15.

I will post updates as I paint more and as the league progresses, but for now here is a look at the main crew I finished painting for the start of the league. Weeks 1+2 are 25ss, 3+4 are 30ss, and 5+6 are 35ss... so after next week I will need to paint up more models.

PS... thanks everyone. I hit 100 followers! I am glad more and more people are finding my ramblings interesting and decided to follow my blog. There are plenty who email me that aren't necessarily followers, and I appreciated you reading as well. Thanks!


  1. Very cool! I just assembled my Resurrectionist force last night (McMourning and doggies) and bought my kids a Neverborn crew (Dreamer + 2xTeddy) Can't wait to see more! Oh, and check out "The Aethervox" podcast if you haven't already.

  2. That's strange.... I thought I already commented on this post. Hmmm..

    Anyway, I started Malifaux myself with a Resurrectionist McMourning crew and my kids have a Dreamer/Teddy crew now too. I look forward to hearing your take on the game. I really like the way it handles odd point expenditure by giving the "change" in soulstones.

  3. When Blogger went down today it deleted posts and comments.