Monday, May 16, 2011

Ard Boyz semi finals this weekend!

Coming up this weekend is the Ard Boyz semi final round.3 more games of smashing filth against filth at 3000 points, with grand army rules, and no restrictions. I won 1st place at the prelim I attended and the semi final round will be held at the same store (Pandemonium in Garden City, MI). The only problem I am having is which army to take! If I can get them assembled in time, I will be taking the new Tomb Kings army I bought after selling my Orcs. So far since I bought them I have already assembled 40 Skeletons and 30 Tomb Guard. A lot of Chariots and big guys left to go.

Moving on to the event itself lets have a look at the scenarios:

Scenario 1, The Changer Of Ways

The mission is kill points based on Unit type, as well as some difficult magic rules. For kill points, your general is worth 5, characters are worth 2, core units worth 2, special units worth 4, and rare units worth 8. A minor win is 4 kill points, major win is 8 kill points, and massacre is winning by 12 kill points. The Changer of Ways rule forces a spell caster to roll another d6 after every spell cast. On a roll of a 1, the caster must roll on the miscast table and apply the results. Even if he already rolled because of irresistible force. I think this scenario more than any other this time will effect army composition. Large blocks and possibly lower magic in the armies that will show up. My possibly Skaven list has 51 kill points. My possible Tomb King list has 41 kill points.

Scenario 2, The Crazed Fanatic

This scenario is the most quirky in the lot. In the center of the table you place a crazed fanatic marker. It moves randomly and hits units for d6 strength 6 hits. You can try to "catch" it by moving into contact and making a strength check AFTER taking 2d6 strength 6 hits! If you catch him you can hold onto him. If you fail you will get hit by him again next turn as he moves off you. That is A LOT of damage. You can't ignore him either, or he will mow through your army, and he is worth a whopping 5 battle points as part of the scenario.

Scenario 3, Wez Is Betas Dan Yuz

Blood and Glory makes its appearance again this year, but you do not lose automatically for breaking. The first army to break gains 500 victory points and an extra battle point. It will be hard to break armies full of large units meant for the kill point and fanatic scenario. Interesting to see how it turns out.

I am still deciding what army to take. I just got a brand new army, so I am not crazy about having to win this year. That is why I am thinking about taking the Tomb Kings and just having fun. I have to get them put together in time though, and borrow a Casket of Souls. See you Saturday!

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  1. good luck on the semis, i almost went there but decided to go instead to saint louis, ask your TO about the first senario, as when i called mine today he said that throne of vines, tecles, etc. affects the changer of ways scenario. I know there was plenty of debate about that online, so call ahead and see. After seeing your results from the peliminaries I am almost afraid to bring my lizards, as my qualifying store had to skaven aboms to deal with, though sphinxs are probably better to grab the fanatic than the aboms are