Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ard Boyz 2011 wrapup

Ard Boyz ended early for me this year, with a non-podium finish in the Semi Final round after a hard fought day against Daemons and Dark Elves. When the dust settled, Pandemonium's Ard Boyz semi final champion was Daemons of Chaos, and not my mean green Skaven.

My list:
Grey Seer, Bell, dispel scroll
Grey Seer, power scroll
Plague Priest, Furnace, warp scroll, ironcurse icon
Warlock, doomrocket
Chieftain, BSB, storm banner
40 Clan Rats, command
30 Storm Vermin, command, flaming banner
51 Slaves, musician
51 Slaves, musician
38 Slaves, musician, shields
40 Plague Monks, command, plague banner
Hell Pit Abomination, spikes
Hell Pit Abomination
Hell Pit Abomination

Game 1 I beat my opponent's Kairos / Skulltaker Daemons by 2200 victory points but only 17-10 battle points. He only killed 1 Abom and a Warlock Engineer. My Furnace Horde popped the entire 40 man Bloodletter Horde in a single charge. His list was Core heavy with Heralds (and Kairos) so I just couldn't get battle points.

Game 2 I trounced Dark Elves with the Furnace Horde getting charged by 30 Corsairs and 20 Blackguard, beating them, and running them down. Skitterleaping Grey Seer took out one Hydra and the other was misdirected on the flank the whole game. I panicked a Cold One bus off the board as well, my opponent forgetting that they were Stupid the whole game. All he had left in the end was an unkillable Lord, and the Hydra hiding on the board edge.

Game 3 I got cocky and pushed the Furnace forward against Blue Scribes, Masque, Thirster Daemons. The Bloodthirster charged the furnace and the Pink Horrors made a LONG charge to get in contact and steal the Furnace's stats just in time for the Thirster to pulp it on one swing. I actually held one turn, but then the Thirster got into my bell unit. I 13th'd one unit of flamers, and eventually the second, but they were able to at least put wounds on my Hell Pit Abominations. I was broken badly, and ended up dropping to 5th place. My opponent won after the Quad Hyrda list on table 1 only got a draw vs Vampire Counts.

It was a stacked field in Detroit. 3/4 top finishers from Chicago last year were there, and only 1 of them placed (and he got 3rd). It is a little disappointing I didn't place this year to move on, but now I have more time to focus on my new army for a little while. I will still be looking for a couple small tournaments this summer, but now my main focus is Blood in the Sun in July!


  1. Pretty soon you will become an honorary member of my gaming group with all of the guys you keep playing from my area. :)

    Your Daemon player round 3 and the Quad Hydra who finished 3rd are both from my group. The Daemon player beat the other DE player from my group round 2.

  2. Yep I definitely seem to have gotten to know them through Ard Boyz and Adepticon. Both games have been good ones for sure (unfortunately I have lost both!). Will you guys be at Blood in the Sun too?

  3. I will not and I do not think anyone else has plans to show up. I will put a bug in their ear and see if anyone is interested.

  4. It's full if you haven't already signed up. I was just curious of you guys would be there.