Monday, May 9, 2011

New WHFB FAQ's released

There have been new answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. Everyone should be sure to read them before this month's Ard Boyz semi final round... but let's go through the changes in the BRB FAQ:

Page 107 – The General, Inspiring Presence
Change “within 12" use his Leadership instead” to “within 12"
may use his Leadership instead”

*MAY is a big difference to my Skaven when the General has a lower leadership than my Hell Pit Abomination.

Reference Section – The Lore of Shadow, Okkam’s
Change “[...]Models in the target unit use their Leadership
instead of Strength when rolling To Wound with[...]” to
“[...]Models in the target unit use the Leadership characteristic
written on their profile, instead of their Strength, for[...]”

*HUGE change. Only a couple points of strength won't matter in many cases, but for some of the new Tomb Kings monsters it matters. For LD6 Beastmen it really, really matters.

Q: Is a model considered to be in base contact with himself? (var)
A: No.

*The fact that they had to put this in is sad.

Q: Can a unit near or on the board edge pivot (or wheel) so that
part of the unit (or its base) is temporarily off of the board? (p27)
A: Yes, though it is not allowed to end its movement with part
of the unit (or its base) off the board.

*Interesting change. I don't understand why they did it but I will run with it.

Q: Do bonus power dice, which are added to those taken from the
power pool when a Wizard casts a spell, count when working out if
a spell fails due to the Not Enough Power rule? (p32)
A: Yes, regardless of when these dice are added. The
exception to this rule is that it does not include any dice that
are secially stated as not being power dice (such as Night
Goblin’s Magic Mushroom dice).

* So a Power Dice is a power dice, unless it is not a power dice? Where would this take into effect?

Q: Do ranged direct damage spells that use a template have to
target an enemy unit? (p31)
A: Yes, the template must be placed over the target enemy

*I assume this clarification is for Scorch... which can be placed anywhere withing 24".

Q: Does a To Wound roll of a 1 always fail to Wound? (p42, 51)
A: No. Though it is very rare for a model to be able to Wound
on a 1+.


Q: Can characters change position inside a unit as part of a normal
A: Yes, as long as they end up in the rank closest to the front
of the unit that has a space in. It is also worth remembering
that even if only the character moves the whole unit will count
as moving that turn. Having a belligerent officer barge his way
through the unit is not conducive to a good round of shooting!

Q: Must a character be moved to the front rank of a unit as soon
as a space becomes available? (p100)
A: Yes.

*Huge changes to the current practice of BSB's in the second rank. I will now have to have another bunker unit for the BSB hiding in the back, or no longer give the BSB a magic banner (which I have been doing a lot).

Q: Certain spells, most notably Regrowth from the Lore of Life,
allow you to resurrect models that have been killed or even add
extra models to a unit. What happens if some or all of the models
added to a unit do not fit at the back? (ref)
A: Any models that do not have space to be placed at the back
of the unit are lost. If, for example, your unit has been charged
in its rear facing then you would be able to complete the back
rank and any excess models are lost.

*Big change for Undead players. Or any Life players who gets rear charged with more than the current rank of models missing.

Lots of interesting changed that will make an impact on upcoming tournaments. Be sure to study up and write your army lists accordingly! I know I will be.


  1. 1) Can a unit near or on the board edge pivot
    A) This is to stop something like a warmachine of giant beast from being trapped by the board edge. You are along the edge, you can't pivot to move off the edge so your stuck.

    2) So a Power Dice is a power dice, unless it is not a power dice? Where would this take into effect?
    A) Tomb Kings bonus. It basically makes a class of boost dice, but prevents the boost dice from being enough to cast the spell.

  2. Thanks for posting this Rhellion. I have been trying to get my head around Fantasy for a couple weeks and I didn't realize there were new FAQs out.

  3. Old School, unlike 40K the Fantasy team puts these out almost every 2-3 months (or when they need updates). You'll definitely want to keep up with them if you stick to Fantasy.

  4. Glad to see the 2nd rank character stuff going away. I've always found it to be a gross travesty of the current rules.