Monday, April 4, 2011

Resin everywhere!

One of the great things about Adepticon are the great vendors I would normally have to view online. You can get a real "feel" for a rare-ish product when you can actually see it in person. I took advantage of the vendors about bought myself some Space Wolf reinforcements in the form of Scibor miniatures and Paulson Games.

If you have already seen my swag bag photos, you'll know I got a Khador Warmachine box set in mine. I hit up the CoolMiniOrNot booth to find some resin bases for when I painted them up. I did not make it very far, because I got hit in the face by some GREAT resin Space Wolf "counts as" models. I picked up a box of the 3 characters, and then enough more to fill out a full squad of 10 with matching shoulder pads, total.

Next up are the real gem. I have posted time and time again about different Thunderwolf options out there. I had originally planned on waiting on GW... but the deal in front of me this weekend was too good to pass up. I picked up a set of 3 Paulson games Thunderwolves. I am hoping to get them assembled this week and try them at Ordo Fraternitas' Chapter Night next Tuesday.

I also picked up a Forgeworld limited Chaos Dwarf that I am decided what I want to do with. He really is a beautiful model. I got a 40k Boarding Captain, but he is already spoken for. They WERE limiting them so that the first person couldn't walk up to the counter and buy every one to resell on EBay.



  1. I really wished I would have planned better to take advantage of Forgeworld being there. The 3rd party companies there were good too. ugh next year hopefully

  2. Everyone knows real TWC ride Lions =)

  3. D'oh! I wish I had seen those wolves there. Great find!