Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blood in the Sun

Blood in the Sun is a 2 day GT in Hainesville, IL on July 8-10. I will be attending with the Skaven with 2400 points of ratty goodness. The tournament is already full, but they are starting a waiting list, and if you pay up front I believe you go straight to the front of the line ahead of people already registered, but who have not paid. Another interesting aspect to BITS is the Re-Roll token. There are 4 possible re-rolls to earn that can be used once per game during the first 4 games of the tournament for any single six-sided die including artillery dice. They are earned by paying on time, having your list in on time, participating in the terrain contest, and one for just showing up! Here is more info on the terrain contest:

Terrain Contest

Participants should create one piece of terrain no larger than 8”x8”x6” (Length, Width, Height). It should be Fully Painted and should represent one of the following from pages 118-131 of the Big Red Book. Please use the word “represent” loosely and feel free to be as creative as you would like.
  • Anvil of Vaul
  • Temple of Skulls
  • Necrotic Ooze
  • Blazing Barricade
  • Blessed Bulwark
  • Ghost Fence
  • Plain Ol' Fence
  • Altar of Khaine
  • Arcane Ruins
  • Bane Stone
  • Idol of Gork
  • Magic Circle
  • Plain Ol' House
  • Dwarf Brewhouse (High Elf Nightclub?)
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Wizard's Tower
Terrain Pieces will be used during the event and will be placed on a randomly allocated gaming table. Winners for the Terrain Awards will be chosen by the tournament organizers as well as peers. Entries must show craftsmanship or it will be rejected from the competition (No Pre-made and Pre-Painted Terrain or random object that you attempt to justify ie no handing us a Snickers Bar and stating it's a Ghost Fence). Prefab houses, etc. are fine as long as it took some effort on your part to assemble and paint it.
 Scoring is 50% battle, 15% comp (opponent scored), 15% sports, and 20% painting. There are no item or army restrictions other than no special characters and your comp score. Dogs of War and Dwarfs of Chaos are allowed.

 I will be playtesting lists at 2400 points over the next few months, in between other events! BITS is definitely the big event of the summer for me, so I am looking forward to it.

Find more info about BITS on their WEBSITE.


  1. I was thinking of going to this but I thought $45 is a little steep. Do you know if you're getting any swag like Adepticon? :)

  2. BiTS is an entirely different thing from Adepticon. Adepticon is a large scale event filled with 1500 Swirling Sweaty gamers. BiTS is a 2 Day (3 if you come for the Friday evening festivities)Warhammer extravaganza filled with lots of good humor and lots of new friends just waiting to be made. The tourney is a 2 day, 5 round GT-style tourney that will be jazzed up to new levels with a Fluff oriented-spin that I think all will enjoy!

    As far as swag...there will not be a "Swag Bag" per se, but several of our sponsors are giving us giveaways for every attendee, as well as top-notch prizes. WE also have several non-traditional prizes aside from the standard "Best Gen" "Best Overall" EVERYone has a chance to go home with something.

    Our sponsors to date are...
    Mantic Minis
    Gale Force 9
    Miniature Painting Authority
    Unique Gifts and Games
    and many more to be announced soon!

  3. And please....don't wait to sign up...we are looking at expanding capacity, but can't until we fill all existing spots with paid players.

    It will truly be an experience to remember, I can promise that.

  4. For anyone who doesn't know, that was the organizer of BiTS. Thanks for posting Grant!