Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adepticon Results

I still have to post up my Championships review, but in the mean time the results have been posted on Adepticon's website!

Big Brawl (2-1)
22/73 Place, 36/60 Battle, 19/25 Paint, 30/32 Sports

Warhammer Championships (3-1)
23/143 Place, 65/100 Battle, 25/25 Paint, 31/32 Sports

Next year I think I may play all three days!


  1. Nice work man! I ended up with 12th somehow, though I don't really play Fantasy much. Helps that I lost in the 2nd round, so the rest of my opponents weren't extremely amazing, heh.

  2. For which event? Big Brawl or the Championships?

  3. Congrats Dude! Im looking forward on your coverage and take on Adepticon!

  4. Um, the Championships. I'm primarily a 40k player, so I played in the 40k Champs on Friday.