Monday, October 3, 2011

GLWL vs IWFB is coming!

Coming up this month is our club grudge match! We are driving to the Chicago Battle Bunker to take on the Illinois Warhammer Fantasy Battles club in a 10 on 10 no comp slugfest. I have had a very off month for hobby work missing out on two tournaments I would have loved to attend, including the final Core Comp. I can only make so many trips from Detroit to Chicago on my weekends. Hopefully next year I can make some more! Stay tuned for a battle report of the day's events later in October, as well as some new additions I have been trying to work on for my Skaven.

In my other limited hobby time I have been building my Gen Con Malifaux models and playing some games with my wife on our Terraclips terrain. After playing some games on it I would definitely IMPROVE my rating to 9/10, the stuff is almost perfect for my needs at home. I have lots of Guild models primed and I am hoping to have a fully painted faction by the next tournament coming up at Pandemonium. I am planning on doing a full battle report of a Malifaux game soon, just in case you were interested in the game but haven't seen Malifaux in action yet!

Keep looking for updates. I'm not dead yet! Actually, let me correct that. My new D&D character died before reaching level 2. I'm now playing a Gnome Bard. Awesome.


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