Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Terraclips Have Arrived

Today, my sets of Terraclips arrived. Terraclips are a new 3D card terrain made in conjunction with Wyrd for Malifaux and other miniatures games. I picked up the Streets of Malifaux and Buildings of Malifaux sets along with 2 boxes of clips (which are sold separately). After unpacking and punching out all of my pieces, I was unsure where to start!

Then I pieced together the frames of my first buildings, and it started to get easier.

After the buildings were complete(ish) I started to try and get an overall layout setup.

After I had a blueprint of my city setup, I started clipping them together, and added a few more elevated features.

I didn't think I wanted to work on second story buildings at first, but once I started I couldn't stop.

The only thing that stopped me was running out of clips! 

My initial thoughts are to rate Terraclips 8/10, they are a VERY nice product that I look forward to playing Malifaux on. Be sure to order extra clips. Lots of people online are thinking they will need fewer... but my setup was pretty simple and skipped a lot of possible connections and I still ran out early. I need another box! I would almost recommend 3 boxes of clips to anyone looking to build streets and buildings. If I had two sets of streets (or sewers) and only tried making elevations and not complex buildings, I may not need a third set.

The only real negatives are that some of the ladders are pretty flimsy, and I don't see holding out for the long haul. Also, I need to figure out a way to best transport this. Any ideas?


  1. Any thoughts on how this would work for Infinity>?

  2. It should work perfectly, though isn't Infinity more futuristic? I read on the Wyrd forums they actually have plans for more sets, including a futuristic setting. They were waiting to see how the first run did, and then sold out at Gen Con and did tons of internet orders.

  3. I picked up Karai and a few extras at gencon. OST thinks I'm crazy but after actually learning the game, it is a well written game that deserves the attention of the table top community.

    I really like the terrain support for this game system in the form of the terraclips. They match perfectly, look great and compared to the time it takes to make good looking 40k terrain is very worth it to basically have a malifaux board in a box.

    Has it picked up in your area? Evo has carried it for years and hasn't sold shit for it. I feel bad that its been on the shelves of my FLGS for so long and then I go down to Gencon and drop $100+ on the game when I could have bought it from Evo...but I guess thats what happens when you just put a game in your store and don't support it with demos and sales.

  4. It's fairly popular. Last league at Pandemonium had 14 players I think and the league at RIW had 12-14. They are close so it's probably half the same people, but that is decent. I know there is a Flint crew too because they came down for the tournament at Pande last month.

    Plus, my wife is really into the game so I have been devoting a lot more time (and money) to it.

    Kirai was a good choice. She is probably the more competitive Ressurectionist master (maybe along side Seamus).

  5. Also, I will try to take some better pictures during a game sometime this week. These were hastily taken at 11:00pm last night under dull light while partially falling asleep.

  6. That looks great! You planning to pick up more? I hope they make a set suitable for Infinity.

  7. Thanks for review, I just started playing around with one of the Sewers boxes tonight. Looks really good so far... I like 'em.

  8. @gmarksthespot I would like to pick up more, but if I do it will be another set of Buildings with 2 more boxes of Clips. Right now I am thinking of buying another set of Clips anyways.

  9. Ya know what, this'd work great for 40K scale Inquisitor games. Possibly even the odd cities of death scenario..

  10. Nice Review. I think I might try this for Warmachine and Malifaux, not to mention RPG games. Must order those extra connectors!

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