Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gen Con Malifaux releases

It's my birthday today, and to celebrate I am spending 4.5 hours pulling my hair out trying to buy all of the Gen Con exclusive and pre-order minis on Wyrd's terrible online store. I finally finished my first order of the new Malifaux expansion and Avatar miniatures, and I am placing a second order of Terraclips Streets and Terraclips Buildings terrain. The reason for 2 orders is a special edition Female Convict Gunslinger model included with every order over $100. Lets just say I could have placed 4 orders, but I would have gone crazy trying to. Here is all of the stuff!

New Twisting Fates book!
Alternate Sculpt Seamus and Avatar Seamus

Alternate Sculpt Lady Justice 
Avatar Lady Justice
Alternate Sculpt Sonnia

Avatar Sonnia
Alternate Sculpt Perdita

 Alternate Sculpt Rasputina

Female Convict Gunslinger limited model

Nightmare Edition Teddy - Gen Con Exclusive


  1. I went for the Dead Justice / Teddy / Miss Demeanor Gen Con combo... I have never been a "limited edition" fan, but I can't resist Malifaux minis.

  2. I was going to pass on Avatars altogether... but that idea didn't last very long. I placed one order with all of my models and Twisted Fates, and another with the Terraclips to get 2 of the Convict Gunslingers.

  3. The new Rasputina model is phenomenal!