Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Doomwheel rehabilitation

After not having use my Doomwheel more than a couple games since 8th Edition came out, I have been writing a few lists lately that include it. Arachnaroks, Sphynxes, Stonehorns and all the rest of the Ogre Kingdoms are a great reason for me to give the model another look in my lists for upcoming events that are limited to lower points values (2000 points).

And to make my Doomwheel playable again I would have to fix some battle damage from my pre-Battlefoam transfering of the Skaven. The banner top snapped off on a cold winter day, and the side attachments were both removed after a failed magnetizing attempt for easier storage. I know have a Battlefoam 1520 XL and a tray designed to hold 2 upright Doomwheels. One space is holding a Hell Pit Abomination, and now the other can hold the Doomwheel again.

This weekend will probably be my first test drive since after the Skaven FAQ that removed its chariot movement and made it move like the HPA again. We'll see how things go!

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