Friday, July 1, 2011

GLWL vs IWFB club challenge

Twitter is a great gaming tool. You can post battle updates, hobby progress, muse about rules, and read everyone else post about the same. Every once and a while you find a game, and this time I found a whole CLUB to challenge. IWFB (Illinois Warhammer Fantasy Battles) had a club challenge fall through against Wisconsin, and posted on Twitter looking for other challengers. I took up the challenge and now we have the GLWL vs IWFB Team Challenge set for October 22, 2011 at the Chicago Battle Bunker.

The rules are: 10 players per team, no duplicate armies, 2000 points. Armies must be painted, but there is no comp in effect. We will be playing the game as written. Matchups and scenarios will be random and not duplicated. Wins are 2 points and ties are 1, and at the end of the day the team with the most points is declared the winner.

We are still filling up team slots, so if you are in the GLWL and you are reading this, send me an email to secure your place on team GLWL. So far this is what we have and what we are facing!

1 Brad Schwandt - Skaven
2 John Williams - Beastmen
3 Eric Stephens - Dark Elves
4 Nik Rodorigo - Vampire Counts
5 Eric Hanson - Bretonians
6 Donnie Goerlitz - Daemons of Chaos
7 Dustin Daman - Dwarfs
8 Mike Hernandez - Lizardmen
9 Michael Warren - Empire
10 Al Zielke - Warriors of Chaos

1. Christopher Walker - whatever is left
2. Jeff Florido - Demons
3. Dennis Gunia - High Elves
4. Alex Gonzalez - Goblins
5. Grant Fetter - Skaven
6. Eduardo Rodriquez - Warriors
7. James Hyde - Lizardmen
8. Robert Klemic - Empire
9. Mike Lagger - Dark Elves
10. Aaron Claessens - Vampire Counts

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