Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tomb Kings terrain / filler

With Blood in the Sun coming up, I have a few more things to finish up. The first and most important is my last horde movement tray for the Plague Monks. I need it for my army to be complete. But, next up is my terrain piece for the Terrain Contest at BITS. I picked up an Arcane Ruins set from GW with the intention of not only making a matching piece of terrain for my Tomb Kings army, but also use the smaller pieces as unit fillers throughout. So lets have a look. I need to get this thing painted soon, so hopefully I will have updated pictures or WIP pics soon:

Smaller and without a "base" I would normally put on my terrain pieces. I am hoping this makes the piece easier to fit onto different themed tables.

And here are the pieces I really like. 2 Necro Knights with ruin pieces. One is burrowing under and coming up from under a pillar. A Khemrian Warsphynx climbing over a ruin piece. 3 Skeletons on pillar pieces as inner unit fillers. And finally just a ruined pillar I could use as a filler somewhere if I choose.

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