Monday, June 20, 2011

Back from vacation

I am back from my NYC vacation, and have less than a month before the big event of my Summer schedule: Blood in the Sun! So far Blood in the Sun is totally sold out with a 6 person waiting list. Almost every army will be represented at the tournament (no Ogres) and it looks like I will be one of only 2 Skaven players in the field. There will even be Chaos Dwarfs and Dogs of War. Where are all the Skaven players if the internet says they are the best / cheesiest 8th edition army? Hmmmmm?

Between now and then I am hoping to do minimal modeling so that I can really focus on getting practice games in, but I haven't seen much interest in GLWL members wanting to play games after the season ended. I am thinking I am going to have to travel up to the GW Hampton Village Hobby Center for games, as their store has mostly converted to Fantasy as their main game (or so I am told). Skaven-wise my list has been sent to Grant at BITS, and I have had my models finished for a while now. I need to paint a new horde formation movement tray for my Plague Monks and their Plague Furnace, but that is about it.

Tomb Kings wise, I am waiting until after BITS to really focus on them as my next army, even though they are mostly assembled. I am picking up a new Finecast Casket of Souls tomorrow at the 40K Fightclub League night, where I am in the League Finals against 40K Armageddon's Imperial Guard list with my Space Wolves. I am hoping to build more archers for my list and pick up more rare choices before the list is finished (Hiero and SCC). My list right now is going to be playtested with 2 options for special choices: construct heavy with snakes and sphynxes; or infantry heavy with LOTS of Tomb Guard. I will try both, and while constructs may be better I am heavily leaning towards liking the Tomb Guard.

There is my hobby update, hopefully some battle reports soon as I get ready for BITS!


  1. I think all the skaven are in North Carolina. I'd be happy to send you some :)

  2. I don't think Skaven are the best list in 8th. They are just the best counter to my army (lizards)!!!