Monday, June 27, 2011

Year 1: 8th Edition Tournaments

Blood in the Sun is my next tournament, and will mark the 1 year anniversary of Warhammer 8th Edition. The new edition has treated me well with 10 tournaments, and 5 tournament victories! I truly believe the new edition is the best one I have played (I have played during 3 editions). In the next year I really want to ramp up my Warhammer travels and tournament attendance. I already have 3 planned for July, including Blood in the Sun which will be my very first 2-day GT. So lets look at last year.

2010 Ard Boyz Prelims, 3-0 (1st Place)
2010 Ard Boyz Semis, 2-0-1 (3rd Place)
2010 Ard Boyz Finals, 2-1 (3rd Place)
GLWL Fall Classic, 3-0 (1st Place)
Adepticon Primer, 3-0 (1st Place)
Adepticon Big Brawl, 2-1 (22nd Place)
Adepticon Fantasy Championships, 3-1 (23rd Place)
GLWL Season End Tournament, 3-0 (1st Place)
2011 Ard Boys Prelims, 3-0 (1st Place)
2011 Ard Boyz Semis, 2-1 (5th Place)

To check out upcoming tournaments, I have found the Ohiohammer website to be FANTASTIC. They have a Calendar of events. I am hoping to make it to as many as possible as the year progresses! Next GT after BITS I am hoping to attend is Core Competency in Chicago at the GW Bunker.

See you on the battlefield!


  1. Still looking to play you in a pickup game sometime :o) I am sure I will learn a lot.

    Muggins at and I got a game in recently and I'm itching for more non-40k games.

  2. After BITS I would love to get a game in with my Tomb Kings or Skaven, your choice.