Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blood in the Sun quick results

I am back from my weekend in the "Sun" and I have returned undefeated! I went 5-0 this weekend at Blood in the Sun, but too few points were earned to take home the title. More on my games and opponents, as well as the event as a whole later on the blog. I just walked in the door and I need sleep! One thing I will mention is my "strength of schedule" was pretty decent. After each game I will also list my opponents final placing. I played some tough players. I scored 7th overall in the final tally.

Game 1 - Alex Nikitenko (Orcs and Goblins) 11-9 win (8th)

Game 2 - Michael Groth (Beastmen) 19-1 win (30th)

Game 3 - Jeff Heck (Beastmen) 11-9 win (6th)

Game 4 - Dan Ruud (Daemons) 16-4 win (41st)

Game 5 - Kevin Bruins (High Elves) 15-5 win (13th)

Another interesting note... Best Overall was won by Brettonians, Best General was won by Beastmen, and third place was Wood Elves!!!

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