Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blood in the Sun Lineup

Blood in the Sun is THIS WEEKEND. I have been finishing up my movement trays and painting my terrain piece. I have played loads of practice games, and even won a tournament at 2500 points with my Blood in the Sun list (with an extra cannon). But all the prep comes to an end this weekend when I travel to Lake County, IL for the 2 day GT. Lets recap just exactly what is going on this weekend.

Blood in the Sun is a 2 day, 2400 point GT. There are no comp restrictions other than no special characters, but there is comp scoring by players. Battle points are 50% of your score, painting is 20%, comp and sports are both 15%. BITS has been completely sold out for weeks (months?) now. I have been able to view the other participants and scheme for a while... EVERY army will be represented at BITS.

Here is the lineup:

Lizardmen - 6 players
Orcs and Goblins - 6 players
Dark Elves - 5 players
Warriors of Chaos - 5 players
Beastmen - 5 players
Dwarfs - 3 players
Empire - 3 players
Daemons - 2 players
Skaven - 2 players
Brettonians - 2 players
Tomb Kings - 2 players
High Elves - 2 players
Wood Elves - 2 players
Chaos Dwarfs - 2 players
Vampire Counts - 1 player
Ogre Kingdoms - 1 player
Dogs of War - 1 player


  1. Wow, that is an awesome spread of armies! Thanks for sharing the info...should be great seeing all those different painted armies!

  2. I'm happy to see two Wood Elf armies involved.