Monday, October 18, 2010

Finals Scenarios are out

GW has released the scenarios for Saturday's finals. At the very least it gives me some time to practice one or two before Saturday.

Scenario 1: The Pass is Ours!

Great. Battle for the Pass. The scenario bonuses add a battle point for killing the enemy General and BSB, as well as for having more Core units alive, and for the largest Core unit within 6" of the center of the board. All hills are Scree Slopes as well. Against a non-gunline army I will have the advantage to wait on the rear board edge with my cannons and magic, and wait out the other army. Of course, if I draw an enemy hunline I will have to rush everything forward and hope the Storm Banner gives me enough time to get to them.

Scenario 2: I Hate the Mornings

Dawn Attack, with some "night fight" rules. At the start of each of the first two turns, roll an artillery die and multiple by 3. This is how far each of your units can see that turn. If a misfire is rolled, the sun clears up both army's visibility for the rest of the game. I've played a few Dawn Attack practice games, and while it does throw off your game if you have a poor deployment, I am not worried about this scenario. Bonus points are for a unit in your opponents left flank, having more core units alive, killing all enemy wizards, and for casting a spell with irresistible force.

Scenario 3: We've got to get the Watchtower... (etc)

And of all the scenarios to be the final round, they pick Watchtower. I don't think they could have picked a worse scenario to end 'Ard Boyz. So you automatically win for the watchtower at the end of the game, and the game length is random. How horrible of an idea for the largest national tournament in the country. At least I can destroy the tower and force the game to end on my terms. I have both the Bell's Deafening Peals and Crack's Call to handle that for me. I also have one unit of 20 Storm Vermin to hold the tower if I win it through deployment. Bonus points for the scenario are for having no units in your deployment zone, for taking the center from your opponent, for having your General alive and not fleeing at the end of the battle, and for destroying a unit that was in horde formation at any time.

And there we go. I think my list is built well enough to handle all three scenarios. Now I need to read up on the building rules...

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  1. Good luck I'll be watching your twitter account for updates.