Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Also starting next Tuesday is the Ordo Fraternitas Planetstrike League! The Planetstrike League will be 4 play periods, 2 games per play period with 1 game as each attacker and defender. 2500 points, and each player must provide at least 1 painted Bastion and Defense line in their games. I'll update the blog soon with the pictures of my Planetstrike terrain that I have been trying to paint and finish in time for the league. So far I have 1 Bastion and 1 Defense line fully painted, 3 more Defense Lines primed, and 1 Bastion yet to be assembled. Here is the league breakdown:

Play Periods

1. The Rising Swarm- Tyranids make planet fall onto Anorox prime and her two moons.
• Play the “Planet Fall” Mission from page 14

2. Tomb Raid- During the 3rd war of Anorox the Ordo Xenos and Imperial allies make planetfall onto a Necron tomb world to rescue Inquisitor Lord Veslyn.
• Play the “Desperate Assault” Mission from page 47

3. Karmichael’s Pass- During the 2nd stage of the Galus Crusade, Captain Karmichael, of the Armageddon Sons leads the drop onto a Daemon infested world and reclaims it in the name of the Emperor.
• Play the “Seize and Destroy” Mission from page 48

4. Karamos Chapter- The Tau Empire seeks to expand its hold and take the desert world of Karamos
• Play the “Forlorn Hope” Mission from page 50

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