Saturday, September 26, 2009

New additions, nothing finished

I know why I can't seem to get anything new finished lately... I keep getting more projects started without finishing old ones! I did finish my Planetstrike bastions and defense lines in time for week 1, and I started basing and priming the GW blastscape and some craters that I used successfully in my last setup for period 1.

I also got in an order of magnets! 100 rare earth magnets for $16 shipped. These should last me for a while. I've already started getting to work magnetizing my new attack bikes that served me well in period 1 game 2 of Planetstrike, sneaking a win by charging through dangerous terrain to capture the second objective.

I also have a couple WIP pics of the scouts I have been working on here and there. Not finished yet, but more than just the base coat I have been applying to most everything else. I'd rather be playing with a plain blue army than plain gray plastic, or black primer!

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