Friday, April 13, 2012

Win a Battle Force or a Troop Box!

Alright folks, those of you who were around last year may remember that folks who attended Adepticon had the opportunity to win a Battleforce box of their choosing by buying anybody wearing one of the DFG  shirts a drink during the convention ... well, we are doing it again and expanding the idea!

This year, we will be showing off these awesome shirts, we will offer people who buy us a drink an entry in the raffle (you can enter as many times as you like!) and furthermore, we want to open this contest up to the bloggers out there who might not be able to attend the con:
That's right, between now and 10pm next Wednesday, if you post a link to this post and a blurb about how people can win a battleforce by buying us drinks on YOUR blog, you will receive an entry in a separate contest to win a troop box (up to $40 value)! So bloggers, start blogging and think about what box you would like!

The official rules of the Adepticon Battle Force Contest: 

If you purchase a drink (we prefer alcohol, but regular drinks are welcome) for a member of the Dark Future Games Staff wearing a shirt with the image above, you will earn an entry in our raffle for a battle force of the winners choosing (or an equal value in GW merch - current stuff only).

There is no limit to the amount of times a person can enter. (yes, you can buy us a case of beer too and receive an entry for each one!)

A member of DFG may not refuse the drink and must enter your name. If he is taking part in an event, he may pass the drink to a member who is not playing.

Will will choose the winner the Monday following Adepticon and mail out the prize as soon as we get our hands on what the winner wants!


Now this might sound like we are planning to get hammered, but in all honesty, there are going to be ten of us there, so we should be fine. What we really want to do is get out there and meet our readers, shake their hands and maybe even enjoy a good laugh or a story. We are a bunch of guys who love to have fun and we want to share that with everyone else. We had 148 entries over three days last year between our (then) 9 authors, so it may seem like we are going to get smashed, but it is actually much more Conservative than it sounds, hah!

Anyway, we will see you there if you are going! If not, we will look for your links (shoot us an e-mail or a comment here if you do). A huge thanks to Lucky No.5 from Eye of Error, he is a serious professional and if you are interested in getting some serious graphic arts work done, I cannot recommend anyone better to help make your banner, shirts and blog look amazing. He is a credit to the creativity of this community and if you have never seen his incredible miniature conversions or paint jobs, check out Eye of Error and prepare to have your mind blown! We are seriously proud of this new banner and our new shirts!


The DFG Team is:


  1. Thank you very much for the pimpage!

  2. I am actually afraid at the interest I've been getting on Twitter, being as I'll be the only one in the Fantasy Hall! I may need to start texting people to help me drink!