Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adepticon Results!

 2012 Crystal Brush winner

After being home for a couple days I have time to sit back and reflect upon the best 4 days in gaming of the year. This year's Adepticon may have not been as "successful" as last year in terms of rankings, but I had more fun than ever hanging out with friends from across the country I usually only get to see once or twice a year. So lets dive into the games and see what happened!

Thursday night we arrived and got our drank on. This is, of course, and Adepticon tradition. Thanks to me being a contributor to Dark Future Games and their Battleforce Drinking Contest Giveaway I would be doing much more of this all weekend. After A night of debauchery, Old School Terminator and I final set up a game of Warhammer in the Fantasy hall, where we apparently were not allowed to be playing. I took 1000 points of Daemons and wiped his Ogres off the table fairly easily, and he was introduced to Daemon chaff! Oh and Pit of Shades > Ironguts.

On Friday I woke up for the Big Brawl, my first event of the weekend. I was playing a very tough Skaven list as usual... double abom, double seer, double WLC, etc. It is expected in this 3000 point, no grand army rule tournament. In fact (as I would feel the pain of) special characters were allowed in all events except the Team Tournament. Game 1 I faced off against a full Nurgle Daemon list. It was a tough game but I was able to isolate and eliminate his Plaguebearer blocks and shoot down his Great Unclean One, after he balesword chopped my furnace in half.

Game 2 and 3 were sad luck for me. In game 2 I faced off against last years Champion who was toting Kairos Fatewever, 2 blocks of 30 Bloodletter, The Masque, 2 Tzeentch Heralds, and 2 units of 6 Flamers. Holy Ouch. Kairos had no less then 12-18 dice at his disposal every turn and magic'd me right off the board. Scooter then went on to win the Big Brawl, so props to him. Game 3 was a disaster where everything blew up in true Skaven fashion. Turn 1 a cannon and Seer both vaporized. On turn 2 it happened again, and the Ogres I was playing overran me after that point.

Friday night I decided to continue my downward slide by playing a fun game against David, the host of Garagehammer. We threw down for a game at 2200 points to practice for the next day's Championships, and his Vampire Counts proceeded to stomp me out, after 4 spells in a row continued to IF and cripple my magic phases.

Saturday morning I unveiled my new Skaven display board that I picked up from the previous day's Best Display winner. He was selling it the next morning and I gave him an offer, and picked it up for a steal! Big props to Chad Hanson for the amazing display board.

I started off the Championships playing the guy who beat me on table 2 of the Ard Boyz semi finals last year to knock me out of the finals! Instead of special character loaded Daemons he was playing double hydra typical Dark Elves this time. Things went my way early in this game when I hit and killed 27/30 spearmen on my first turn with the Doomrocket and then sniped his level 4 with a cannon. That is until a few minutes later when I realized my Storm Banner was up and told him he could but it ALL back on the table! Ouch. I still fought back after a huge turn and Crack's Called both his Hydras and took the game in the end.

Game 2 I faced off against Orcs and Goblins and walked over him pretty easily, thanks to unlucky panicking of about 70 night Goblins the very first turn right off the board. Game 3 was a game of jockeying against Gutstar Ogres. Why wouldn't he just puch it forward you ask? Because on the first turn I hit 11 Ogres with a Warp Lightning Cannon, killing 9 of them and included his BSB who failed his Look Out Sir. The rest of the game was him refusing to commit and me trying to set up my spells which I fainally did on the last turn, Crack's Calling 2 Firebellies in the last phase to win by a mere 143 points.

Game 4 I had what looked to be a perfect matchup against a cavalry heavy Dark Elf list that I was excited to face in an attempt to go 4-0, until they switched my table at the last minute and I had to face another of the very good Indiana crew that my first opponent and Jollyboy are a part of. I lined up against the very tough Dark Elf list and fell to the mass shooting and Dark Elf Lords supported by their Hydras. In the end a solid 3-1 performance and I was left wondering what could have been if my table wasn't switched.

On Sunday, the Golden Geese were unleashed, and we made our first foray into the Team Tournament. We were promptly smacked back down by High Elf Great Eagles! In game 1 I targeted a well maneuvered Great Eagle with my flamer and failed to kill it. Then I charged the same Eagle with the Bloodletters and failed to kill it, then charged it's replacement Eagle the next turn and failed to kill IT! This is as I am in the flank of our opponents but watching helplessly as my partner's Dark Elves are being dismantled by the combined strength of our Ogre and High Elf opponents.

After a loss straight away we were down at the low tables looking for a slingshot back upto the middle. We found it in Warriors and Vampires as our next opponents. Nice guys, but inexperienced, they set up the Bloodletters for combo charges early and we wracked up close combat kills of the Crypt Horrors and Terrorgheist on the second turn, marching our way back.

Game 3 was another fun game against Empire and Warriors of Chaos who had been thrown together at the last minute. We decided to bring Metal magic on our team list to face off against the many Ogre armies and Mournfang we expected to face, and it helped against the nearly all Knight Empire list. The MVP of the game was the Fiend of Slaanesh "chaff" who charged into the backfield, took out the Hellblaster, and then ran off the Chaos Warrior block who fled from a charge into it's path to win us the game early to finish 2-1.

So after what I would call a mediocre performance after finishing top 25 in both tournaments last year, I can still say I had an amazing time at this year's Adepticon. I picked up an amazing display board that I will be adding to in the coming weeks to get ready for Midwest Rampage next month! I also picked up some new Forgeworld goodies! Pictures of them are up next, along with TONS of pictures of armies I saw this weekend. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for write up - and the pictures of all of the tournament armies, some absolutely amazing collections there. Great to see that pretty much everybody puts them all on display boards. Not something you see in my part of the world

  2. I told you that you were going to roll a hit.....poor OST. Was a blast to hang out and hope to see you again next year.

  3. Oh, no list details? boo! ;-)

    1. Mine, or theirs? My list was usually 2 Grey Seers, Hellpit and WLC, loads of clanrats and slaves, monks and furnace, doomrocket, bsb, small unit of gutter runners... etc. For 3k just add 1 more WLC and Hellpit basically with more core! Similar to the lists I have been running in the past.

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