Friday, April 6, 2012

More Ogre conversions

I had 4 more Ogre bodies left from my Battalion box and don't plan on using Leadbelchers any time soon. So what is a good Ogre Tyrant to do? Make more Ironguts! I decided I wanted to have some variety in my Irongut horde, so I used as many of the Mournfang greatweapon and armor bits as I could. I even grabbed a head from the Ironblaster crew.

I like the marching Ironguts as the rear ranks of the horde. The third rank would be more likely marching with their great weapons at their side than swinging away like the front two ranks. I used leftover banner poles from the regular Ogres and the great weapon tops. The left Ogre uses the last Mournfang arms I had left in the dynamic pose of swinging from the side, rather than over head. I really wish I had one or two more sets of arms in the same pose.

These guys will be part of my Gutstar list for this weekend's GS tournament.

Slaughtermaster, L4 Maw, Fencer's Blades, Glittering Scales, Dispel Scroll, Rock Eye
Firebelly, L2, Hellheart (or Greedy Fist)
Bruiser, BSB, Runemaw

15 Ironguts, musician, standard, look out gnoblar, Standard of Discipline

4 Mournfang, heavy armor, ironfists, standard, musician, Dragonhide Banner
4 Mournfang, heavy armor, ironfists, musician
1 Sabertusk
1 Sabertusk


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