Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Upcoming big events

I like to travel to tournaments in my local area, and regularly participate in any Warhammer tournament I can get my hands on. But this year I wanted to take part in more large "grand tournaments". Currently, the plan is to bring Skaven to all of these events, but that may change as the Ogres begin to see the painting table. Here is a list of some of the 5 game, 2 day BIG events coming up.

April - Adepticon (Chicago, IL)

Adepticon is not a GT, but rather 3 large tournaments in 3 days at the largest miniature wargaming convention in the US. Each tournament will have between 120 and 200 participants! The Adepticon Championships are 4 games at 2200 points, special characters allowed, and no comp. The Adepticon Big Brawl is 3 games at 3000 points, special characters allowed, no comp, no grand army rules. The Adepticon Team Tournament is 3 games of 2 teams at 1000 points, no special characters, no lords, but otherwise no comp.

May - Midwest Rampage (Peoria, IL)

3000 points, no comp, special characters allowed, no grand army rules. This is a 40+ player 3000 point tourney similar to the Big Brawl. There is also a terrain contest where you can build a whole table's worth of terrain to get a home-field advantage and play on the table you created for the first game.

June - Blood in the Sun (Northbrook, IL)

My favorite event from last year because of the awesome atmosphere. 2400 points, currently 64 player and possibly expanding. No comp other than no special characters. There is also a terrain contest and other ways to earn re-roll tokens to use once per game during your first 4 games, like turning your list in on time and paying on time. The 64 slots are already sold out, but they are starting a waiting list and possibly expanding up to 80 players!

July - Buckeye Battles (Delaware, OH)

This will be my first attempt at heading to Buckeye, which has been a yearly trip for many members of the GLWL. 2200 points similar to Adepticon, with lots of comp restrictions. No special characters, limits on unit sizes and point costs, limits on magic phase power dice, limits on killer spells, and their own line of sight system that is not 8th edition rules. There is also a "banding" system that will have hard armies playing similar armies, and soft armies playing soft armies for the first 3 games. I don't like changes to the core rules of the game, but if I want to attend another closer GT this Summer I will have to deal with their rules! Last year they had 80 participants.

After these, I am looking forward to what Alex Gonzalez comes up with to replace Core Comp (which he ended last year) and possibly making the drive way up north to attend this year's North Star GT.

Gonna be a BIG year!


  1. Adepticon, Rampage, and BitS are in/near Chicago. So is "Core Comp" or whatever it will be called this year. North Star is in Minnesota, and Buckeye is Ohio.

  2. Rampage is filling up FAST if you want to carpool! BitS has started a waiting list and may expand to 80 if it fills.

  3. Blood in the Sun seems like it would be in Texas or something like that, lol.