Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am packing my army up for Adepticon tonight, in my new Battlefoam P.A.C.K. 1520 XL! I picked it up last month from my FLGS, but had to order the Fantasy specific foam to put inside it from BF directly. I just wanted to put up a couple of photos and give my impressions.

Packed and ready to go! I got some GREAT advice before buying my foam. DON'T buy the Skaven set from Battlefoam. The 92 Troop pice will not hold models well. I went with the 72 Troop trays and they were perfect. They hold a TON of models. The Skaven special tray to hold the Bell, Furnace, and 2 Doomwheels (mine holds 2 Abominations) is an excellent buy. Well worth it. I also picked up one Dark Elf Spearmen tray to hold my 1 unit of Clanrats with spears, a Weapon Team tray that actually holds my Stormvermin and only a couple teams instead of its intended use, and a Clan Moulder tray that I use for my Rat Ogres and Characters.

It is a very pricey system, but it is well worth it after I have the finished product in my posession, ready to be loaded into the car for Adepticon. I also bought a Battlefoam XBoard Display Board with the foam. I have it painted up and it fits perfectly into the 1520 XL too, in the side pouches! I will post pictures with my army at Adepticon.

I will be at Adepticon Thursday to hang out and register. Friday I am playing in the Big Brawl, Saturday in the Fantasy Championships, and Sunday I am possibly playing in the Fantasy Team Tournament. If anyone is looking for a last minute partner, I am bringing a 1000 point list!

For updates at the convention live, follow me on Twitter @Rhellion

If you see me there, I will be wearing my Winter Classic Detroit Red Wings hat!

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