Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Road to Adepticon - Hobby Update

Adepticon is closing in, and I need to finish my army! Well, it's not too far off but does need to be finished for this weekend's Adepticon Primer Tournament at J&L Games in St. Johns. Really all that is left is finishing my Warp Lightning Cannons and my display board. The WLC's were minimally painted previously. Tonight I worked on washing them, getting some detail and highlighting, and painting the crew separately. I have a Battlefoam XBoard display board coming with the rest of the foam for my new 1520 XL Battlefoam case. BUT, I am pretty sure it won't arrive in time for this weekend's tourney. So I went out and bought a cork board at Target, and picked up some textured "stone" spray paint. It actually matches my bases quite well. I will be adding a lot of static grass.

On the Ork and Goblin front I have been stripping Orcs, assembling some more Black Orcs, working on my Arachnarok, and getting my Mangler Squig pieces together. I used a Great Cave Squig mount and Gobblo for the Mangler Squigs. The Arachnarok BASE is horribly warped. I am going to try and fix it myself so I don't have to wait on one getting shipped to me.

Here we are with some pics... Adepticon is in 16 days!

WIP Skaven WLC's. Need some highlights to be finished.

Display board's textured paint drying. Simple board while I wait on the XBoard.

Terrible Arachnarok base.

Incoming Mangler Squigs!

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