Thursday, August 5, 2010

GW Local Store Rules? Interesting.

Does your local store have any screwy rules they try to impose? I played a game yesterday at the GW Hampton Village Hobby Center in Rochester, MI. I found an Empire opponent, decided on a pitched battle, and placed terrain. After we set up our models, he starts placing fences and walls in front of all of his models!

"What are you doing. Is that some sore of detachment rule I don't know about?"
"No. The store rule is that if you buy store terrain, you can always use it in addition to board terrain, and place it after deployment."

Uh.... WHAT? So GW stores now allow you to buy an in-game advantage with money, that is OUTSIDE the rules of the giant book I paid $75 for? That is an interesting (read as: asinine) way for them to boost their sales of terrain and encourage their players to actually strategize/powergame with these "fake" rules. I told him it was my first time ever hearing of this rule, and I was not comfortable being surprised with it. The manager ho-hummed and told him to remove his EIGHT fences that he had placed directly in front of his entire army. We played a real game of Warhammer, and the Skaven were victorious over the man-things.

So thank you GW Hampton Village. You made my decision for upcoming games that much easier, by not having to decide between playing at your store (with your idiotic house rules) or my other FLGS's.


  1. Kind of reminds me of the "Food Machine" charity games that people run with Warmachine/Hordes. You contribute extra cans of food to "cheat" (like boosting an attack, or rerolling something) during the game, all in good fun.

    I guess GW Hampton Village is their own favorite charity. After half the stores in MI closing the manager there is trying to get creative to get people to buy things on-site. If you buy the dice there do you get to reroll all misses?

  2. Yeah at least it's for charity and you know the rules going into it before hand. You're not surprising new players with house rules not even posted anywhere in your store.

  3. I have been in that GW store like twice. Seems pretty cramped. I am confused by the rule. Do you buy the terrain then leave it at the store then use it every time you play in this bonus way or is it a bonus for buying a new piece of terrain from the store that you then take home. Either way seems pretty shifty.

    I like the can things. Played a 40K Fight for Food at Get Your Game On once where you could donate up to 2 cans a game to get a single die reroll. Quite tactical to decide when to do it.

  4. That sounds like a great event.

    And yes, it seemed VERY shady. Which is exactly what I brought up. It's a ploy to sell more terrain. You don't have to leave it at the store, you just bring it each game for a "surprise" advantage.

  5. Wow, that's just crazy. If your are going to have house rules for your store, at least make sure they are clearly posted where everyone can read them.

  6. Ok Charity is one thing, blatant profit pushing is another.

    I seriously would have just started laughing, what else could you do in that situation.

    Oh btw my home table just got a new rule, for every beer of mine you drink I get a re-roll!


  7. Wow... That's a pretty lame way to boost sales.

    "my home table just got a new rule, for every beer of mine you drink I get a re-roll!"

    I love it.

  8. I hope word of that House Rule gets out.
    That's shady as hell.

  9. Wait, if I buy a box of orks, can I plop said box down right in the middle of the board, too? Da Boyz like big solid walls to run towards.

    Screwy rules--promoted well in advance--for the sake of charity: yes.

    Screwy rules--kept secret--for whatever reason: no.

    I don't begrudge the guy, who has seemed like a fine fellow every time I've gone-in if only maybe a bit like the leader of some high school clique, for trying to keep his store (the source of his livelihood) open and in business. But yuck, that terrain rule is a bad bad idea.

    At least the fences got removed, though the description of the overall reaction seems to support my feeling that GW-HV is a bit like a store-wide club. Tough to drum up new business that way.

  10. LOL! I hate GW stores, I've never had a good experience playing or shopping at one. Very lucky to have good LGS in the SE Michigan area.

  11. If that rule was ever enforced on me for any reason, I would apologize to my opponent for the stores foolish decision, pack up my army, and VERY LOUDLY explain at my FLGS why I'd never play at that store again. I've heard a bunker in MD gives re-rolls of some kind if you bought dice that day. Your reaction, and spreading the word about it, are the best ways to change these ill-advised decision. I hope every gamer across the nation hears about this.

  12. Honestly who cares. In the end it isnt that important. Was it the final round of 'ard boys or a grand tournament?

    Next I would recommend playing it out as a challenge. It would seem that your list building doesn't leave much room for opponents challenging you so try something off the beaten path. ;-)

  13. Funny coming from the guy I learned about "hobby killing" lists from. ;)

    I see your point, if the rule was at least stated before the game started and not after deployment was finished.

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