Saturday, January 9, 2010

Skaven: tournament bound

Tomorrow is their unveiling on the tabletop, and today I finished them up. After these pics were taken I finished up the movement trays tht needed paint.



  1. That is a great looking Horde! Very nice work!

  2. How mny points, and what list are you using?

  3. 2250... I used a Grey Seer, Plague Priest (lvl 2) on a Furnace, Warlock-Engineer (lvl 1) and BSB Chieftain.

    2x 25 clan rats, 25 storm vermin, 2x 20 slaves, 10 giant rats, 25 plague monks, 2x 5 plague censer bearers, Doomwheel, and Hell Pit Abomination.

    I got killed on comp, but hey it's what I had painted. Next time I MAY drop the Grey Seer for a Warlord. Add in another unit of clan rat and slaves too. But that's more painted... UGH I'm tired of painting.