Monday, January 11, 2010

40k Fight Club 2010 Painting Resolution!

40k Fight Club is have a painting Resolution Challenge, and I'm going to be adding to my Space Marine army

Greetings 40K Fight Clubbers!

With 2009 coming to a close it's time to start thinking of goals for 2010. The annual New Years Resolution. Looking around my hobby area, I see LOTS of unpainted stuff. My guess is that a number of you are just like me. Lots of unfinished GW business.

Personally, I'd really like to get one of these armies painted up so I can truly enjoy it on the table top. All I need is a little motivation, that's where you all come in.

I've partially stolen this idea from another hobby site, and I'm shamelessly going to use it here for the 40KFC.

Here's how it's going to work.

Register with an army of your choosing.

The Resolution will be broken down into twelve 1 month periods. Each period, a different force org selection is to be painted. Models selected to be entered in the Resolution shouldn't be any further than the primed stage at the start of the period.

January - HQ
February - Troop
March - Elite
April - Fast Attack
May - Heavy Support
June - Painter's Choice
July - Troop
August - Elite
September - Fast Attack
October - Heavy Support
November - Painter's Choice
December - Objective Marker

This will give any player a strong amount of models to choose from when building an army.

Each unit selected for painting only has to be at minimum size to be considered completed. For example, 5 completed tactical marines would qualify as a completed goal.

What consitutes completed? A model that has at least 3 colors, is based and clear coated. Granted, participants that go above and beyond will have a heavy advantage in case of the tie breaker.

If someone is choosing to do Imperial Guard, a squad of 10 guardsmen will qualify as a troop choice, you wouldn't need to finish the bare requirements needed to field an infantry platoon.

After each period, participants will either post a pic of their unit, or email it to me and I'll post it for them. Participants will then have a chart that shows their progress they can also use it as their signature to constantly remind them they should be painting rather than surfing the internet. 

On the chart, green will denote completed, yellow partially completed and red not completed. Each participant will earn 2 points for completed projects and 1 point for partially completed. At the end of the Resolution, the person with the most points will receive 2 sets of the new 40K Fight Club would markers (pics of these will be posted later). If there is a tie, The Prophet and I will be the tie breaker. (We are not eligable to win)


If you're interested, reply to this thread with the army you're registering with.

Good luck and may the paint flow from your brush.


Here is the lineup and am tentatively planning on painting.

January - HQ - Chaplain Cassius
February - Troop - Scout Squad
March - Elite - Assault Terminators
April - Fast - Scout Bikes
May - Heavy - Vindicator
June - Any - Land Raider Crusader
July - Troop - Scout Squad
August - Elite - Dreadnought
September - Fast - Land Speeder Storm
October - Heavy - Land Raider
November - Any -Land Raider Redeemer
December - Objectives - Space Marine Casualties, etc


  1. A couple of thoughts. My experience with the CD codex is a little limited, but I've seen a fair bit of table-time with the Khorne specific units.

    - With an all-Khorne army designed to MAXIMIZE COMPLETE KHORNAGE, the Heralds, including Skulltaker, don't have much of a place.

    I say this because they don't really contribute anything that you're not already getting with the Bloodcrushers and Bloodletters. They're killy, sure, but not significantly killier than your regular dudes.

    I consider the Bloodthirsters to be ESSENTIAL in the all-Khorne list, for two reasons: 1) the Heralds don't do much for you and 2) you have no anti-tank whatsoever. 'Thirsters are flying MCs, so they're your biggest threat to enemy vehicles.

    - If I were to take Heralds (which I know I will, when I taint my list with non-Khorne units), my buddy Casey's convinced me that Chariots are the way to go. With Daemons, target saturation is a good thing: the more things they have to shoot at, the more things you have that don't get shot before they crash into combat. Chariots are cheaper than Juggernauts, and provide better stats with the only drawback being the loss of Independent Character. Given that you don't realy want to put them in a unit, that's hardly a drawback.

    - The FW model is sweet. The Herald that comes with it: just as sweet. My hope is to convert him into Skarbrand... also, that by October, the plastic Daemon Prince from the Warriors of Chaos book is out.

  2. After sitting down and looking at what I'm getting myself into... I am just going to use this as an opportunity to paint my Space Marines, rather than start an entirely new army. Finishing my Skaven and playing with a fully painted army made me realize this is what I want to work on first.