Monday, May 31, 2010

Long Fangs

My Long Fangs are finished, at least tabletop quality. I say tabletop quality and not finished, because I am not happy with them by any means. I have a lot of detail work, maybe some highlighting, some dry brushing, and another wash on the metal. BUT they are done enough to base them and finish my May resolution... the most important part. Now to get ready for June, and hopefully find the time to go back and complete the months I missed: March and April.

In battle report news, I had another game against Warboss Gargunki's Orks. I changed up my list to play with a Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf, 4 squads of Grey Hunters in Rhinos, and 2 full squads of Long Fangs with missile launchers and a few other odds and ends. The 4 Squads of Grey Hunters was great. They really are an excellent Troop choice. The Wolf Lord was sub-par. Maybe I don't know how to use him, maybe I need to support him much better. It was Dawn of War so he was very isolated and got killed quickly trying to get into combat, so at the very least I need more practice with his tactics. And the Long Fangs were great. Missile Launchers... 12 missiles per turn because I had a Wolf Guard with a Cyclone Missile Launcher.

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