Thursday, May 27, 2010

June Resolution

The June 40k Fight Club painting resolution is a painter's choice... and I have a LOT to choose from. I'm throwing up a poll regarding my options, hoping that some of my former readers know I am actually back blogging and participate! Here is what I am looking at:

Wolf Priest. He accompanies my foot-slogging or sometimes Land Raider transported 15-man Blood Claws

Rune Priest #2. He is the GW Rune Priest in power armor, with the bolt pistol added to replace his plasma pistol. I usually hold him back with my Long Fangs.

Lone Wolf in terminator armor, with chainfist and storm shield, and 2 Fenrisian Wolves. This guy is a beast on the table top.

Venerable Dreadnought. My old Ironclad Dreadnought modified to be a Space Wolf dread. I need to get some new FW resin weapon arms. Not in my regular list currently but adding a Dread to any list is easy.

More troops. Either a Blood Claw squad or Grey Hunters. I have 3 Troop choices left unpainted in my regular army, but only 1 more month dedicated to Troops.

I'm equally interested in painting all 5 choices for different reasons. Also, I am looking to go back and paint my Wolf Scouts and probably a Landspeeder for the 2 months I fell behind.


  1. Looks really nice!

    I am interested in how you use your lone wolf on the tabletop, care to elaborate?

  2. As stated in my recent battle report, he is a tank hunter and walker killer! Mainly tooled towards vehicles because of his chainfist, he shreds through armor without fail. In the last game he destroyed a Dreadnought, 2 Killer Kans, and immobilized a Mega Dread in a single 2000 point game.

    I also have a Lone Wolf with a thunder hammer / storm shield, but that is more geared towards character / monster hunting than the chainfist version. Remember he still rerolls against bikes and plague marines (toughness 5).

    "Chain Fist, Storm Shield, Terminator armor, Eternal Warrior, Feel No Pain, 2 Fenrisian Wolves to soak up wound allocation. This is the perfect equipment loadout for this guy. This was also the perfect storm for him to perform excellently though (very heavy Dread list) and I don't expect a repeat performance every game. First he took out the Ork Dread, then he took out 2 remaining Killa Kans, and finally he immobilized the Mega Dread at the end of the game, keeping it out of reach of my objectives and ensuring me victory in the seventh turn. Rerolling all his attacks vs Walkers was amazing."

  3. Hey dude, how did you get the storm shield to look good on the Lone Wolf's right arm?

  4. I did my best to cut and trim away everything on the rear of the normally left-handed storm shield, and just glued it to one of the thunder hammer arms (which are easier to trim clean). I am still not happy with it. I need some green stuff work to add a shroud or some wires to perfect the look.