Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Expand your Warhammer knowledge. With Podcasts.

An excellent way to get better at Warhammer is to expand your rules knowledge. Another way is to increase your experience with different metas and different styles of players. One of the best ways to do this without traveling across the country (or world) is with Podcasts. There are many excellent podcasts and a few "just ok" ones out there for Warhammer, but I really recommend giving them a try if you want to get a very broad look at the Warhammer "World" out there.

While I have a few links on my blog roll, here is a more complete list of some great, and some at least somewhat good, podcasts:

Bad Dice. The best Warhammer podcast. Period. Ben also has a daily show, which is insane. The regular show co-hosts Mark and Gareth are awesome. Some great tactics and rules discussions.

Garagehammer. Best overall American cast, imo. Good mix of casual and tournament. I like the long episodes. Spans tournaments, hobby progression, as well as campaigns and large scale battle reports.

Pointhammered. Better than Garagehammer as far as tournament performance experience and specific hobby chat, if that is what you're looking for. Can be very crude, but it's alright with me.

Skull Bros Awesome. My favorite new podcast. Rising Star. Also very crude, haha.

Ohiohammer. Andrew is another work horse for podcasting. Lots of different episode types.

The Black Sun. Another very tournament focused cast from the UK, but also very crude.

Wisco Dice. Another Midwest podcast. Solid hobby balance with frequent tournament reports.

Painting Tabled. Hobby focused cast, with some tournament reporting when they go.

Canhammer. Another international cast. Chris is a good tournament player and the cast reflects that.

6 Dice Monkeys. Newer cast, haven't listened much other than their good VC review.

Bull City Wargaming. South East US cast. Need to listen more.

Chumphammer. Literally just downloaded for the first time. Will listen more.

And more I have been turned on to via Twitter:

Dwellers Below. Australian Warhammer. They probably play Warhammer upside down (I haven't listened yet).

Tale of 4 Geeks. Another new podcast in my list.

Westcoast Hammertime. Was told to check them out. So I will.

Noobhammer. Another new cast. Will check it out.


  1. It is true, we do play upside down, and with soft comp and all other kind of strange traditions. Thanks for the mention!

    Dave from the Dwellers Below.

  2. Thanks for the mention man!

    I feel like the new co hosts and going majority fantasy has really helped our cast out!

    I owe you a beer at Adepticon, make sure to remind me!