Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tournament update, December @ GS

Another Gamers Sanctuary tournament attended, and another victory. This time I faced off against 3 new opponents (to me) with some of the tougher armies you would expect to face at an event. I brought a similar list to last month, though I removed one clan rat unit and buffed the other to 40 rats, and added more bodies to the Plague Monk unit as I felt it didn't have enough.

Game 1 vs Vampire Counts was against a fairly standard list for VC, but no Terrorgheists this time. Ghouls charging forward with my units having to deal with them were compounded by the table terrain. Half the board was very hard to manuever around because of graveyard terrain full of fences and impassable crypts. It almost forced us to play on a 4x4 section. I magic'd it up first turn and got lucky enough to continually bounce Plague around and roll high for casualties. The first two turns of magical onslought allowed me to finish them off handily when they eventually reached my lines. 19-1 win.

Game 2 vs a Warriors army that can be very difficult to deal with if you don't have the correct tools, but I did. 30 Tzeentch Chosen can give any army a bad day. Fortunately for me this was the game where my 13th Spell dice got HOT, casting it 4 times during the game and not losing any Seer's to miscasts. First turn Plague then 13th wiped out the Nurgle unit, and then I was able to focus on shooting and magicking the giant Chosen block while redirecting with Slaves.Game was a big 20-0 win after I tabled him thanks to a great first turn.

Game 3 was another 13th Spell to start the game. I can take no credit for the victory tactically, but that's alright with me. 13th Spell on the Temple Guard (in range of unit but out of range of the Slaan) to eliminate it. I was able to tie up the horde of Saurus on my flank and eventually lose my Furnace unit to it. I finished them off last turn, but not until after my Hell Pit Abomination got a hold of the lone Slaan who was unable to flee from him. I won solidly 18-2 to wrap up the tournament victory. I also won the award for most objective points, scoring 17 / 20 over the course of the event.

I will be back next month to Gamers Sanctuary with the Wood Elves if they are still in my possession! I didn't take them this month because I am short 2 Treemen for my possible list. Next month after Christmas I should have what I need. Though if you are interested in a Wood Elf army unpainted, EMAIL ME! I am looking to get back into 40K and don't have the funds to start again from scratch.

Also, here is you Skyrim interlude. My bad ass Daedric Bow that I crafted last night with 100 Smithing and Enchanting, and high Alchemy to make crafting bonus potions. Hehe, yes I even power game in 1 player RPG's on XBox.


  1. Do you think the 13th spell is a crutch? Just wondering, as I am not super familiar with the Fantasy meta yet.

  2. Also once you start your space marines you should definitely do Salamanders, as you could then use them in our spring Badab War campaign

  3. It can be used that way by some Skaven players, but I generally use the other Skaven magic spells much more often. It is very match up dependent. Against Warriors of Chaos Chosen and Lizardmen Temple Guard there is such a better risk/reward ratio for the very high cost, elite troops.

    I would generally rather cast Plague and Crack's Call than the 13th unless I am in a specific situation where I have to deal with a unit of 30 Chosen, or Temple Guard that a Slaan will be regenerating for the rest of the game while spamming Dwellers with a free d6 every time and bouncing his miscasts (and taking away my 6's) such as what would have happened this tournament if I hadn't been successful.

    Though the Fantasy "meta" definitely leans to big monsters, elite deathstars, and strong magic. With Dark Elves you have Hydras and Shadow magic for Pit and Mindrazor, for Lizardmen you have Slaan bunkers and Life magic for Dweller's, for Warriors you see Chosen bunkers, warshrines, and Tzeentch magic for Gateway, and for Vampires you spam Ghouls, Graveguard, and cast forbidden loremasters or Dance.

    Skaven do it with 13th, a Hellpit, and Slaves.

  4. I have also thought about doing Fleshtearers. My high school colors were maroon (haha), and I think they are maroon and black chapter colors.

  5. Do you ever think that the issues with fantasy is the fact that there is no terrain on the boards especially stuff that blocks line of sight in or around the middle of the board?

  6. Yes and no. Often at tournaments this is the case, but I have been to events that are good about LOS blocking. There is usually a building on the board every game which often blocks LOS and also adds another rules dimension with the building rules.

    Events like Adepticon have some huge structures that not only block LOS but have to be played AROUND (since you can't walk through everything like in 40K). Even then, I would say only 1 of 3 tables have large enough structures to hide my HPA behind. None really can hide the new Arachnarok and Terrorgheist, but those models are bigger than most buildings GW produces. And they make some decent buildings.

    I think one of the best scenarios with the worst rule is Watchtower, which specifically puts a tower that usually blocks LOS to large monsters and units in the exact center of the board. If someone chooses to play with a small building rather than a 3 level tower as it is supposed to be, that's on them. I like the idea, but I just don't like that controlling that single building is all the game is about.

  7. 'Temple Guard that a Slaan will be regenerating for the rest of the game while spamming Dwellers with a free d6 every time and bouncing his miscasts (and taking away my 6's) such as what would have happened this tournament if I hadn't been successful.'

    This happened to me during the last tournament and I wanted to kill myself