Monday, February 25, 2013

3 color minimum

I was able to get the Warriors army painted 3 colors and based, but then forgot to take a picture of it on the tray I brought. Here is a shot of the army in one of my games vs another Nurgle-heavy list.

Lots of work to do before Adepticon. A couple more primers to practice as well.


  1. No dragon ogres eh? I don't know how good they are but they look sweet.

  2. I don't like them much, too slow (Initiative) and too fragile (toughness and armor save) for me to keep in my list. Amazing models though.

  3. Any chance you could post your list on your blog. I'm just starting out with fantasy and the lizardmen and would like to see what a competitive list looks like with the new book.

  4. Daemon Prince, fly, armor, level 4 Nurgle
    BSB, riding disc
    L1 Metal, riding disc
    17 Warriors, khorne, halberds
    7 trolls
    3x5 hounds
    2 Gorebeast chariots
    4 Skullcrushers

  5. Thanks man, your army is looking great

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