Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A farewell and new blog.

Hey guys. As you can tell, I've more or less abandoned this blog with a case of burn out and being super busy. After Adepticon I am diving back into semi regular blogging, but it will be with a new group of bros over at the Magnificent Bastards blog.

The Magnificent Bastards blog is an amazing source of hobby reading, and they've lowered their standards enough that I snuck on to the roster. Please follow me over there and enjoy the ride. And thank you everyone who has read and commented on Rhellion's Tabletop the last 3+ years.


  1. Hey Mate,

    Sad to hear that.

    Have really enjoyed following this Blog over the past 3 years, particularly your Skaven exploits.

    Thanks for your efforts, has been real enjoyable.

    All the best to you. I have already had a quick look at the MB blog, hope to see more of your exploits there.


  2. You'll see me there quite a bit! I am hoping to post every 2 weeks minimum, preferably once a week over there. There rest of the crew are VERY good hobbyists and gamers as well. I highly recommend it. :)

    Thanks for reading! You guys are part of the reason I pushed myself within the hobby.

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